Interview with Joel Ward

Interview with Joel Ward.

What made you choose to be abstinent and save sex for marriage?

Joel :“I think for me it was because I was brought up in the church. I was always involved in the church and growing up with all of that around me made my values and how I approached sex very clear. Although sometimes it was hard and you don’t understand things, as I got older and understood more I think it was something that felt right in my heart and it left me at peace to live a lifestyle like that and to save myself for marriage and for that one person which is something that I think is very valuable and maybe there’s not much of it nowadays but it’s a nice thing to do and something special and I think if your saving yourself for that one person you know you’re going into that relationship full heartedly and without baggage.”

What has been the most challenging aspect of carrying out that lifestyle?

Joel :“For me it’s being in the industry that I am but one of the hardest things is media and the social media. It bombards you from the word go. Every marketing strategy and every kind of advert out there is based around sex.”

Are you open about being abstinent? Do you bring it up with your team mates?

Joel : “I’ve always been very clear about why I’m saving sex for marriage. To be honest I’ve always been open about my faith and that is just one element of my faith. So for me I’m not ashamed to talk about what I believe in and if the questions arise I’m happy to sit down and talk about it.”

Have there been any challenging or tempting moments in your profession?

Joel :“Well I think in any profession in any walk of life you’re gonna get temptations but it’s in those times when you really need to tune in and focus on god really. I think the more you do that the better you will be at dealing with those situations regardless what career you’re in because there are always going to be temptations presenting themselves.”

Has your decision to be abstinent meant you’re abstinent with alcohol also?

Joel:“To be honest with you, growing up I didn’t drink excessively, there was the odd occasion I went over the limit. But for me I was very clear on that, I made short term sacrifices for short term gains. When you are heavily intoxicated you’re more likely to give into temptation. It was never really my scene to go out solely to get drunk, I was mainly focused on my career and as I said making short term sacrifices for long term gains.”

Do you think more should be done to promote abstinence as a lifestyle option?

Joel:“Yeah, I just think that a lot of people see and know that sex sells. I think the media targets certain groups with campaigns and strategies based on sex. It wouldn’t be any harm if there was more awareness and placing more value on being celibate and saving yourself for the special one.”

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