Interview with Douglas Booth – Noah Movie.

Douglas Booth

What was your favourite part of making the film?

Douglas: Working with Darren Aronofsky definitely has to be up there. He’s one of my favourite film makers and has been for a very long time, so it was a dream come true when I met him.

What was it like filming in Iceland?

Douglas: “Incredible, it had the most incredible scenery. We were there for a month and a bit when we started shooting. We had some time off so me, Emma and Logan would go driving and finding hot springs and go swimming and climb mountains, yeah it was so much fun!”

What was like working with Russell?

Douglas:” Incredible, he has a huge presence and energy, which I’m sure you will see when he comes up here. Working with him on set is fascinating. Every single day he comes to each new scene with something new and creative and yeah he creates some incredible work.”

What was most challenging about your role?

Douglas: “I mean probably one of the obvious ones is the rain, filming very late at night in cold conditions. They released something like 5,000 gallons of water on our heads a minute. So yeah it was the most high tech rain machine they’ve ever built!”

Douglas Booth

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